Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse

The Squeaker, in the best tradition of our family, is a science geek. (I am so proud!) So it was with great excitement that we looked forward to last night's lunar eclipse. He already knows all about eclipses, thanks in part to Bill Nye, and I told him last night at bedtime that I would wake him up so he could see it.

The Husband and I experimented with taking a picture, but since we are not exactly professional photographers, this was the best we could get with our little digital camera:
This was taken at approximately 1:55 am this morning.

It took me like five minutes to wake him from his deep sleep. We were fortunately enough to have a clear sky last night, and The Squeaker had a perfect view of it from his bedroom window. I asked if he wanted to go outside to see more of it, but he said he wanted to go back to sleep instead.

If you missed the eclipse, do not be dismayed! There will be three others between now and next April.

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