Monday, October 21, 2013

One Stitch

-Or- A nasal update

Two blog posts in one day?! What manner of sorcery is this?!?

The title from my blog post comes from a movie I saw when I was a kid. A guy gets a knife wound on his foot and is sure he's going to die from it. When he gets into the hospital, the doctor says in a bored, tired sort of voice. "One Stitch."

"One stitch!?" asks the kid, incredulous.

"One stitch," says the doctor. "All better." 
I went to see the Ear/ Nose/ Throat specialist today to get my nose put back together. I was really nervous about this part because I had been told that the bones in the nose start healing immediately and that the guy would probably have to re-break the bones to put them back where they were supposed to be. Eek!

I went into the doctor's office trying to psych myself up for experiencing major pain. "If I can withstand two unmedicated labors, this will be a cinch. I am so tough! Yeah!"

The guy felt all the bones in my face and took a good look at my nose. Then he stuck a thin metal instrument up my nostril and popped one tiny (and I mean TINY) thing back into place. The end.

It was kind of anti-climactic.

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  1. Sometimes anticlimatic is good! Glad your nose is healing.


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