Sunday, July 28, 2013

Knitting Spree officially over

It's actually been over for a while now, I think. My undying passion for knitting and spinning will doubtless pick up this winter, when I'll be cold again and in need of warm things on my feet.

And knitting has been replaced by Karate.

There are several reasons for this;

  1. My pregnancy with the Shieldmaiden was a lot more physically difficult to endure. I had to slow down much more than I liked and I am officially tired of sitting around.
  2. I missed a lot of the more physical aspects of martial arts and really want to get back to doing them. Specifically I mean sparring and throwing people around.
  3. I mentioned before in my previous post that my instructor, while an excellent teacher of Karate, is just a tiny bit insane. He wants me to hurry and get my black belt as soon as possible. I am told he wanted me to get my black belt around the time The Cookie was born, and I've been putting it off quite long enough. So he hopes to send me to test for black in September. Yeah, that's crazy. 
  4. I now have a Karate FRIEND!!! I've always wanted one. I have made a few half-hearted attempts over the years to introduce my friends to Karate, but I have not been successful. But now I have a friend who started training at our dojo, and I really love geeking out about it with her. She is probably more enthusiastic about it than I am - she is currently training to become an instructor so she can open her own school. 
Yesterday I was asked to help out with the children's Karate class because they were short-handed. My experience in working at Head Start kind of turned me off to any ideas of formal and professional children's instruction. "I'm done with teaching," I said. But helping to teach Karate wasn't really so bad. My instructor, my friend, and a female 2nd degree black belt who is affiliated with my dojo have been gently twisting my arm to enroll in the academy to become a Karate instructor. I never seriously considered it as a real option until yesterday, and it's all my friend's fault. (You know who you are. Yes, I blame you.) 

This may happen in some distant future, I don't know. I have other priorities that are more important, especially with a two-month-old baby. Also we might need to get a new car sooner rather than later and if we're going to spend a huge chunk of our savings in one go it should go towards a minivan and not towards the Karate academy. 

For now, I'm reasonably content with focusing on the kids now and fulfilling other dreams later. I think I would like to continue with Karate for as long as I've got healthy knees, and I'm hoping that will be until I'm well into my 60s, so possibility of being a Sensei will still be an option in a few years. But the short people who live in my house will not be little forever. They need an attentive mom a lot more than the world needs another Karate teacher. 

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