Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Magic Brownies"

Sugar: The Gateway Drug

I think, based on the title, that a lot of you already know where I'm going with this. I made brownies last night. I know, I know: hardly a week goes by when I'm not proselytizing against the Evils of Refined Sugar. The problem is...chocolate things taste so good! When The Husband saw what I had done he said, "Why is there poison in our house? You know brownies just make everyone grumpy." He was right, of course, but I refused to listen.

This morning before church I gave The Cookie what I thought was a small portion of brownie. The Husband protested, but I said, "It's just a little bit."

"Yeah, but look how big it is in proportion to the size of his hand! That's huge!"

Sure enough, minutes later he was walking around in circles, giggling in ecstasy. "Wow, mom!" He would have said if he had more command over the English language. "It's like, the wallpaper's moving."

"We don't have wallpaper," I would have replied.

And about a half hour after that, he had the most spectacular temper tantrum you have ever seen. Coincidence? I think not. I put him immediately to bed and even though it was only nine in the morning, he passed out on his bed ten minutes after everyone else left for Sacrament Meeting.

A hypothetical conversation on the nature of the chocolate foodstuff in question:

"What was in those brownies? Pot?!"

"No. Zucchini."


  1. I'm pretty sure he can handle that much sugar... although I just calculated that he got somewhere around 2mg of caffeine (when calculated before baking, but it doesn't 'bake out')

    So chocolate == poison

  2. I also think it might have more to do with chocolate then sugar. I've seen him do ok after a sugary treat but it seems to be consistently a problem after chocolate. Poor kid, "allergic" chocolate.


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