Monday, March 4, 2013

Adventures in Classic Movies

The Husband and I have been pretty disgusted with the whole film industry of late. Sure, there are a few gems here and there: I really liked Super 8, for example. But for the most part, we are just really "done" with Hollywood.

The Husband had this idea that instead we could watch old Classics. So far we have watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, Citizen Kane, and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We also watched an indie film Another Earth that came out last year, but we feel it more or less falls into the same category.

So far, we kind of like our forays into black-and-white (or at least unconventional) film. The Husband wasn't super impressed with Citizen Kane, and I found it interesting but not divinely inspired. The Day the Earth Stood Still and Body Snatchers are especially fun to watch when you think of them as vessels for the discussion of contemporary socio-political discussion: Body Snatchers as an essay on McCarthyism, for example.

Our favorite of these four was Another Earth. I don't even know what to say about it, except that it was really well done. We began the movie late and night and said, "Well, let's just watch the first 45 minutes and then we'll finish it another day." Ha. We were compelled to watch the whole thing at once. It's a film that is best as a stand-alone story, but it leaves you wanting more. It's a shame there are so few films like this being made, and yet Hollywood felt the need to provide us with four Shrek movies and three Transformers ones. It's a sign of the times.

Do any of you have suggestions of indie, foreign, or "classic" films that we could watch?


  1. Recently read Gone With the Wind and then watched the movie. It was well done--very epic. I haven't seen many old musicals, but I did enjoy Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, and some of the Danny Kaye musicals (Court Jester). I watched Bringing Up Baby over Christmas as was really unimpressed--for the most part, Katharine Hepburn drives me nuts. I love Charade. None of these movies are super deep, but certainly watchable.

  2. "The Third Man" (a murder-mystery set in post-war Vienna), "Mildred Pierce" (an entrepreneurial single mother vies for her bratty, selfish, entitled daughter's love while on the road to discovering herself after divorce), "What Happened to Baby Jane" (absolutely AMAZING film that any description wouldn't do it justice, one of my all time favorites), "The Spirit of Saint Louis" (Charles Lindberg's flight across the Atlantic), "The Glen Miller Story" (rather obvious), "Easter Parade" (a Fred Astaire and Judy Garland musical I threw in just for fun). These are all pre-"Hollywood" ca 1950s, though "Baby Jane" may be 1960s, not quite sure.

    1. And the "Mildred Pierce" I'm talking about is the original, not the new with Kate Winslet.

  3. Charles and I love watching classics every once in awhile. It's fun. I loved "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", Alfred Hitchcock movies, Gone with the Wind, and several musicals I could go on about for awhile, but I love musicals. :) Those are what I can think of off the top of my head. You should just go browse your city's library, when we lived there I loved their awesome collection and sometimes you can find a gem just by searching through what they have.

  4. The Topper movies, the Thin Man Movies, Shall We Dance, Top Hat, Kitty Foyle, It Happened One Night, North By Northwest

  5. 12 Angry Men is one I always enjoyed.


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