Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holland's Socks: Part Four

They're done. So much for documenting the entire process. I found that it's a lot faster to just turn the heel and pick up gusset stitches than it is to take pictures, upload them to blogger, and tell everyone, "Look! I just turned the heel! How thrilling!" or "Whee, the gusset is complete!"

You may notice the absence of fair isle patterning - I was hoping to add some near the toe, but ultimately I felt compelled to refrain. Just before the toe is the widest part of the foot, and I was afraid of knitting it too tight to be comfortable. Since the feet these are for don't reside in my house, I felt it was best not to get too ambitious. Even though I wanted to. 

The Squeaker wishes they belonged to him. He was campaigning before this for me to make him a red hat to match his mittens, but he says he wants socks, now. Even though in the past his favorite color has been red, all he can talk about now is how he wants "lellow and pink socks like Howland." (That's how he says her name, now. Howland.)
A lot of my work ends up looking kind of bumpy and slubby - I know if I used commercially prepared roving or if I spent half my life combing wool, it would look a lot more professional. I know because the stuff I've made with better preparations of wool does look more professional. Mostly, though, I'm at a time in my life where I prize utility over appearance. (I say "Mostly" because lace shawls, while beautiful and enjoyable to create, are not the most useful items in the world.) And even more than utility, I enjoy the process of going from "pile of fluff" to "useful object." That's why I like to know the names of the sheep. It's a lot more fun for me to say, "This thing is from Mikey's wool. And since you're interested, let me tell you Mikey's entire life story," than to say, "I bought this roving from a store." 

Next on my list of projects, I want to card a black fleece I have that's from a ram lamb named Teddy. Teddy is from the same flock as the famed Mikey. I haven't used his fleece much because it wasn't scoured all the way before two weeks ago, and it was kind of sticky and almost "crunchy." I learned a new trick for getting all the residual lanolin out (add boiling water!) and now it's all clean. I don't have a specific project in mind for it, I just want to play with my friend's drum carder. 

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  1. They look so great! I really love the Squeakers face in that picture. He looks so happy about those socks. I wish I could get you to teach me how to make some...sigh...maybe we will live close enough again someday.


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